Education, Higher

Affiliated and Federated Universities as Sources of University Differentiation

Includes bibliographical references. 'This paper examines the role of affiliated and federated universities in Ontario's higher education system. It addresses the question : Do affiliated and federated institutions make a distinctive contribution to the differentiation of postsecondary education in Ontario?' -- Executive summary. Subject(s): Education, Higher - Ontario, Universities and colleges - Ontario. Archived by the Ontario Legislative Library: July 30, 2015

How online learning affects productivity, cost and quality in higher education

Includes bibliographical references. 'This paper provides a literature review and an environmental scan on the use of online learning in higher education, in Canada and internationally. The paper focuses on the following questions: What are the cost implications of a shift to online learning? Specifically, does a greater use of online instruction save institutions or systems money and, if so, under what circumstances?

Les répercussions de l'apprentissage en ligne sur la productivité, le coût et la qualité de l'enseignement supérieur

Comprend des références bibliogr. Subject(s): Education, Higher - Computer-assisted instruction - Ontario., Web-based instruction - Ontario. Archivé par la bibliothèque legislative de l'Ontario le 7 août 2013.