Ontario. Ministry of Energy.

Achieving balance

'Ontario's updated Long-Term Energy Plan, Achieving Balance, reflects input from thousands of Ontarians. The plan encourages conservation and provides the clean, reliable and affordable energy Ontario will need now and into the future. It balances five principles that will guide future decisions: cost effectiveness, reliability, clean energy, community engagement, and an emphasis on conservation and demand management before building new generation'--Ministry website.

Analyse coûts-avantages

Publié aussi en anglais sous le titre: Cost benefit analysis : replacing Ontario's coal-fired electricity generation. Subject(s): Électricité, Services publics d' - Ontario - Coût, Centrales à charbon - Ontario - Coût, Centrales à charbon - Ontario - Aspect de l'environnement, Centrales nucléaires - Ontario - Coût. Archivé par la bibliothéque le avril27, 2005.