Ontario. Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment.

Results-based plan briefing book

Co-published by the Ministry of Research & Innovation, 2013/14- Continues: Estimates briefing book / Ministry of Economic Development and Trade; and Business plan / Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. Continued in part by: Results-based plan briefing book / Ministry of International Trade and Investment. To address historical requirements, only the 2006/07 issue includes Appendix 1 : Published results-based plan, 2005/06. Includes Annual report for 2004/05- Online version does not include detailed financial information.

The changing dynamics of leadership

'In this report, ... the role leadership plays in Ontario industry today is examined. At a time when many North American businesses are desperately looking for ways to survive, many bold, strategic and inspiring Ontario business leaders are blowing the doors off with niche manufacturing companies that continue to grow, innovate and re-invest to serve hungry international markets. What makes some companies winners and others victims? What are the characteristics that best exemplify today's successful, visionary business leaders? What opportunities do they see that others do not?