Ontario. Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

Providing solutions

Issued also in French under title: Offrir des solutions : stratégies futures pour le secteur agroalimentaire ontarien : résumé des rétroactions reçues par le biais des séances de dialogue et des guides de discussion. Subject(s): Agricultural industries - Ontario, Food industry and trade - Ontario. Archived by Library: Apr. 7, 2006.

Results-based plan briefing book

Co-published by Ministry of Rural Affairs, 2013/14- Continues: Estimates briefing book / Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs; and, Business plan / Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. To address historical requirements, only the 2006/07 issue includes Appendix 1 : Published results-based plan, 2005/06. Includes Annual reports for 2004/05- Online version does not include detailed financial information.