Student aid

Incidence des bourses d'excellence et des bourses d'aide financière sur la persévérance et la réussite scolaire à l'université

Comprend des références bibliogr. Subject(s): Student aid - Ontario, Scholarships - Ontario, Academic achievement - Ontario, Universities and colleges - Ontario, Postsecondary education - Ontario, Education, Higher - Ontario. Archivé par la bibliothèque législative de l'Ontario le 24 janv. 2013.

Setting out : application for financial assistance for full-time postsecondary students : Ontario Student Assistance Program, Canada Student Financial Assistance

Title varies slightly. Merger of: OSAP, Ontario Student Assistance Program : application and guide for students who are married or are sole-support parents; and, OSAP, Ontario Student Assistance Program : application and guide for single parents. Includes OSAP application form. Subject(s): Student aid - Ontario

The impact of scholarships and bursaries on persistence and academic success in university

Includes bibliographical references. 'This paper provides one of the first analyses of the benefits to the university student of scholarships and bursaries in Ontario and Canada and has potentially important policy implications. Entry scholarships and bursaries have two main potential benefits: 1) they may attract stronger students to a given university, and 2) they may promote better performance in university. The first type of benefit mainly accrues to the individual school and not to the student or the province as a whole.