Addendum to the Ottawa Integrated Regional Resource Plan (IRRP) Terms of Reference.

Includes original terms of reference issued in 2011 and is updated by an Explanatory Note section. 'In 2011, an integrated regional planning study for the Ottawa area, a sub-region of the Greater Ottawa Region, commenced in order to assess electricity supply and reliability over a twenty year period...The initial Terms of Reference for the study were agreed upon by the working group in 2011...the working group is putting forward an addendum to the original Terms of Reference...' --Page 1. Subject(s): Electric power systems - Ontario - Ottawa - Planning., Electric power distribution - Ontario - Ottawa - Planning., Electric power production - Ontario - Ottawa - Planning., Electric power - Ontario - Ottawa., Demand-side management (Electric utilities) - Ontario - Ottawa. Archived by the Ontario Legislative Library: July 15, 2016.

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Document: 335675.pdf (n.d.)

Source: Ontario Legislative Library eArchive