Burlington to Nanticoke Region

Includes bibliographical references. 'This Scoping Assessment report: Defines the sub-regions for needs that may require regional coordination as identified in the Needs Screening report; Determines the appropriate regional planning approach (RIP or an IRRP) and scope for each sub-region with identified needs that require regional coordination; Establishes a terms of reference in the case where an IRRP is the recommended approach for the sub-region(s); Establishes a working group for each sub-region recommended for an IRRP'--Page 3. Subject(s): Electric power systems - Ontario, Southwestern - Planning., Electric power distribution - Ontario, Southwestern - Planning., Electric power production - Ontario, Southwestern - Planning., Electric power - Ontario, Southwestern., Demand-side management (Electric utilities) - Ontario, Southwestern. Archived by the Ontario Legislative Library: June 1, 2015.

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