Northern Industrial Electricity Rate Program (NIER Program)

'The Northern Industrial Electricity Rate (NIER) Program assists Northern Ontario's largest industrial electricity consumers to reduce energy costs, sustain jobs and maintain global competitiveness. ... NIER program participants receive a rebate of two cents per kilowatt hour, with individual rebates capped at 2011-12 consumption levels, or $20 million per year per company - whichever is lower. On average, industrial electricity prices can be reduced by up to 25 per cent through the program. Participants are required to develop and implement an energy management plan to manage their energy usage and reduce costs'--Ministry website. Subject(s): Energy conservation - Ontario, Northern. Archived by the Ontario Legislative Library: Apr. 9, 2015. Archivé par la bibliothèque législative de l'Ontario le 9 avril 2015.

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Document: 330128.pdf (n.d.)

Source: Ontario Legislative Library eArchive