MTO granular aggregates

Includes bibliographical references. 'This report provides a summary of the quantities placed and the compliance of granular aggregates tested with MTO material specifications for the 2012 construction year. Each of the following granular aggregate types are summarized in this report: Granular A, Granular B Type I, Granular B Type II, Granular B Type III, Granular M, Granular O, and SSM. The five Regional Quality Assurance Sections submitted data from contracts that were active during the 2012 construction season and that data was summarized in a series of tables and graphs. Provincial and regional summaries are included for the quantities placed, the number of lots and quantities that were tested, as well as the number of lots and the quantities of material that were accepted at full price, accepted at a reduced price, and rejected'--MTO Library catalogue. Subject(s): Aggregates (Building materials) - Specifications and standards., Granular base. Archived by the Ontario Legislative Library: Aug. 29, 2013.

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Document: 323909.pdf (2013)

Source: Ontario Legislative Library eArchive