A Report on the postsecondary decisions of high-achieving students in Ontario

Includes bibliographical references. '...This HEQCO @ Issue paper provides insight into the postsecondary decisions of secondary school students with the strongest academic records - that is, students who are considered to be the 'highest-achieving' high school graduates in Ontario. To explore this topic, we used two methodological approaches: studying application and admissions data from the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) and conducting interviews with secondary school counsellors and advisors. As a result, this report provides quantitative data displaying trends associated with the highest-achieving students, including comparisons against a larger population. The broad overview provided by these quantitative data is complemented with qualitative interview data. This approach enables this report to provide both scope and depth about the postsecondary destinations of the top-achieving students in Ontario secondary schools.'--Introduction. Subject(s): High school graduates - Ontario, Universities and colleges - Ontario - Admission. Archived by the Ontario Legislative Library: Nov. 23, 2012.

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Document: 320124.pdf (2012)

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