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Issued also in French under title: Construire le Canada ensemble : recommandations de l'Ontario pour le plan fédéral d'infrastructure à long terme. Includes bibliographical references. 'Well-maintained infrastructure is the foundation of a strong economy, and a cornerstone of vibrant and prosperous communities. Without effective and efficient transportation networks, transit services, water and wastewater systems, and other infrastructure assets, we cannot get to work, get goods to market, or compete in the global economy. That is why the Ontario government continues to invest significantly in Ontario's public infrastructure and has developed a long-term plan for infrastructure investments. The federal government has been an important partner in addressing Ontario's infrastructure needs. They are now developing their own long-term infrastructure plan. Ontario has submitted recommendations to the federal government on what they should include in their long-term plan. Ontario's recommendations include developing a national public transit strategy and other ideas for the long-term plan that will support economic growth and competitiveness and make the best use of public resources.'--Ministry website. Subject(s): Infrastructure (Economics) - Canada, Infrastructure (Economics) - Ontario, Regional planning - Ontario, Cities and towns - Ontario - Growth, Land use - Ontario - Planning. Archived by the Ontario Legislative Library: Oct. 16, 2012.

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